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My wife had taken the children to their mother for a long weekend and since I had things in the house, I decided to stay at home. Anyway, I needed a little help and called my friend to see if he could come and help me at all. 15 minutes later, Ian was at the door. All this happened a few weeks ago when it was very hot spell. So we set to work and after an hour or so we stopped for a drink. We were drenched in sweat. Ian told me that when we finished, I wanted to jump into the shower. Ian thought it was a great idea. We come to work. We were always one of us needs in the circuit. Ian left. He was wearing football shorts and sneakers. That had to be at the bottom of the stairs. I had to pass a piece of wood to Ian and I looked up I saw the tip of the tail to hang his shorts. He seemed to have a penis. I never had before Ian 's cock, even though we had known that they were in school. All work was done, and I hopeIan ed to dive at home. We clean and Ian said: ' After xnxxx the shower,' 'Together ?' I replied. 'Yes, why not,' said Ian. So went upstairs. I was not sure about this, but anyway I went and opened the shower. We xnxxx have a ' wet cell ', so that there is room to spare. When I arrived, Ian had been greatly influenced bollock naked with her semi -hard cock. 'Have your material then,' said Ian. I took my pants down and I must say that, in view of his cock and had made me hard. 'Excuse me hard,' he said. 'Oh, that's all right,' Siad Ian. we have in the shower, my heart raced, my mouth was dry, and asked what, if anything would happen. We have under the shower heads and soap Ian began. I xnxxx do not know why, but I stood there and watched. He had a great body and tail was quite short and very bold. Ian turned to me and said, ' not simply to start soaping me. ' At that time I took some soap and started rubbing all over his chest, and then I let my hand brush against his cock. It was hard, almost immediately. My hands explored xnxxx his balls and ass. Then I felt a hand touch my dick and slid the length of the shaft, and gently put my xnxxx balls. Ian looked into his eyes and pressed his lips on mine. His tongue explored all of my mouth. I had never seen kissing. I became so forth. Precum dripped from my cock by the gallon. Ian then started kissing my nipples and his tongue was my stomach around my penis. Then he took the tip of my cock in her mouth and sucked gently. WOW that was amazing. I mean, I was shaking from head to toe. Sucked the tip of my cock and then licked the palm of my balls. Playing his tongue on my tail all the time. I was ready to shoot. xnxxx I told Ian was ready to cum and he kept sucking his cock and squeezed hard. Ian has asked me to suck his cock. I knealt and began to recover his cock in my mouth. This was extensive. It reallly inches wide and must have more than twoin thickness. I was becoming more difficult. Ian moaned. I was taking everything I could get. God, I was horny. Suddenly, I felt his cock explode in xnxxx my mouth and he shot his load as he held my head. Ian must have scored 4 or 5 good loads of cum in the mouth. Everything I've had to swallow, it was not as bad as I thought. Ian then went down and took my penis in her mouth. It was not long. It took all 7 inches of my penis and down as she slid up and down the shaft with the fingers explored my ass. I felt his fingers go in me. This man knew what he was doing. I think he has found my 'P' in place as the next thing xnxxx I knew I was the most intense orgasam I had. Spunk pumped out of xnxxx my cock in the mouth of Ian. Ian got up and planted his mouth on my mouth. xnxxx I tasted my own semen ! We finished washing and drying us out. Ian was hard again. He put me in bed. He got up and started kissing me. I knew I wanted to take, xnxxx what it is. Ian put some lubricantin the queue. I pulled my legs up and Ian worked his cock inside me. It hurt at first, but has its gentle pushing and pulling me before used for cock. Ian was faster and faster, fucking me senseless. That was fantastic. I feel coould the 7 inches of his cock into me. His bullets hit me. His tongue explored her mouth. Ian tense and then felt a hot load of cum in my ass from the pump. Ian pulled his cock out of my ass and asked me to fuck him. But my legs were like jelly. We agreed that we will save for another day.
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